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Day: September 24, 2019

Pistols that keep the Environment Safe

Pistols that keep the Environment Safe

The use of pistols is majorly left for the security forces of a country. Civilians have to undergo a thorough check to get the weapons at their disposal. It involves a lot of paperwork just to ascertain that they need the pistol for a legal use otherwise the country can be in chaos such that everyone opts to settle their scores using the gun. Environmental conservation has been a heated topic in most global conferences. This is due to the recent climate change that the world has experienced. Therefore in these articles, we need to look at instances where the pistol has come in handy to protect the environment. The 1800s revolvers have less power compared to the 1900 revolvers and that is why in the military there is a weapon for every battle. When you watch action movies, you understand the extent to which single gunfire can damage the environment.

Protects demonstrators

Peaceful demonstration is among the many activities civil society organization goes to get the attention of the government. When there is a directive that affects the environment without proper consultation. In this case, then you need to have security forces in place to bring peace and order. The government may also have their supporters who are for the initiative, what happens when both of them clash in the name of the demonstration? The use of the pistol will now be the only solution since this is not a matter that someone should lose their lives when they can give dialogue a chance.

Prevention of malpractices

Charcoal as a source of fuel for many decades has been known to be against environmental and conservation. What happens when there is a law and still you find people in the forests trying to fell trees for charcoal? There are two ways of using the gun. First, the environment minister can give a shoot-to-kill- order for anyone who violates this directive. This will scare the charcoal burners for the benefit of saving the trees and environment in general. Secondly, you can always shot in the air just to alert the charcoal dealers that you are in charge. The pistol may just be a way in which to put law offenders at bay as much as you may not use it.

Prevention of emission of gases

When we talk of noise pollution or depletion of the ozone layer then we need to emphasize on the pistol manufacturers and handlers to go for guns that have a noise reduction utility in them. At the same time, when in the military camps and the military men are training in the use of weapons. In most cases they shoot in the air. There should be an emphasis on environmentally-free pistols.

A pistol is also a tool that can prevent poaching which is also a way in which our human environment is being interfered with. When it comes to environmental conservation, management and safety then the government plays a vital role in its safety and turn when they have to use the pistol to achieve the objective.