Safe and Eco-Friendly Target Shooting

Safe and Eco-Friendly Target Shooting

Not all the sports are actually environment-friendly and safe. However, some sports can be made environment-friendly and safer with some little precautionary measures. Although its harmful effects on the environment are very low still, by many people target shooting is viewed as harmful to the environment. Target shooting just like other sport can be highly enjoyable at the same time safe for the environment. Currently, because of certain reasons, it has certain environmental safety issues associated with it It can easily become safe and eco-friendly just with few altered choices. By using safe or “green’ products environment can be saved from the harmful effects of this sport.

The environmental movement was started in the early 70’s, because of its activists it gained much popularity and people are struggling to make the environment safer. This movement has spurred a great threat in shooters community because of the restrictions it can bring on shooting sports. Many restrictive changes like lead bans, anti-gun movements, and litigation against noise produced by gunfires have affected the sport to a great extent.

Pellet guns are gaining much popularity in shooters and hunters for many good reasons. They are much quieter and have more power than before. Most importantly they are more eco-friendly and are referred to as green guns.

Most pellet guns make use of compressed air to provide launching pressure to projectile on the other hand combustible powder is used by the forearms. Air rifles do not produce or generate any damaging gases with the exclusion of CO2 guns. Air guns are green because they compress the air we breathe in and that’s why they are completely safe. Air guns include a variable pump, break barrel and PCP. To make them even greener we need to use non-toxic and lead-free ammunition. Because of this very reason, pellet guns are considered green and are considered safe for the environment.

Scopes with extra magnification are not good for safety and are not necessarily needed for a clear shot. Because more scope can cause the light gathering and can restrict the field of view. In fact, when scopes are set on more magnification, it is hard to find a target from close range.

As long as the target is concerned for target shooting, although generally known as clay targets, the target is made of pulverized limestone these days and are held together by a petroleum product called pitch. Petroleum is also considered a bit harmful for the environment though, but old style targets made of coal tar were even more toxic than the petroleum. These targets made of petroleum products can withstand high pressure and can break with consistency and produce a black smoke like effect when properly hit. Petroleum pitch targets are still not considered good for the environment but they are better than their other alternatives. Manufacturers are trying to make better targets that are more eco-friendly and enjoyable than the existing targets.

If right and green choices are used, target shooting is not harmful to the environment. It is a safe and healthy sport with a lot of earth-friendly choices available.

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