Who We Are

Who We Are

IMACC is a collaborative initiative of religious and faith-based leaders, groups and individuals of good will who are compelled to lead the call for urgent action to address the deepening climate emergency as a moral imperative.

Faced with the grave threat that climate disruption poses to the welfare of our planet, business-as-usual is unacceptable. As people of faith, we see addressing the climate emergency as the greatest moral imperative of our time. Our religious and spiritual teachings are clear: we have a moral responsibility to be good stewards of our planet, on which all life depends.

Our Vision: A world powered by clean, renewable energy and blessed by a stable, benign climate that supports all life.

Our Mission: To bring together communities of faith with the purpose of awakening our nation’s leaders to their moral obligation of taking urgent action on climate change.

Our History: Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change was formed at a meeting in Washington, D.C. on November 3, 2011, attended by representatives of 30 predominantly religious and interfaith groups, many of which are our current endorsers. We came together as a collaborative initiative of religious leaders, groups, and individuals in response to the pressing need for more visible, unified, prophetic action to address the climate crisis.

As people of faith and spirituality, we feel compelled by our traditions and collective conscience to take action on this deeply moral challenge. We believe that a moral voice is essential in inspiring action on climate change since scientific and economic arguments alone have not moved the United States to adequately address this deepening crisis.

IMACC Partners: IMACC Partners include those who have endorsed our “Call to Action,” and are part of an expanding group of religious and faith organizations, leaders and people of good will — remarkable for its unprecedented breadth and diversity. The group includes individuals who are Native American, Christian (Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant), Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Baha’i, and Hindu.

Taking Action: Building on our interfaith actions in Washington, DC and nationwide since 2011, IMACC is continuing to organize and support efforts across the nation to advance the moral call to action on climate change.

Because we believe that inaction on the climate crisis is immoral,   we work both to heighten our nation’s collective awareness of the moral dimension of climate disruption and to advocate for serious and immediate actions to address the growing crisis.

We urge all people of faith and goodwill to join in our upcoming actions.